Volume Pills

Volume Pills: Do They Really Increase Cum?

Volume Pills refers to a product designed to increase semen production. Sometimes described as the first semen enhancer product to be sold online, Volume Pills have been on the market for close to a decade. Made using natural ingredients, Volume Pills pledges to help men achieve superior erections and help men overcome decreased virility, resulting in greater fertility and improved orgasms.


Daily supplementation will be needed with Volume Pills, the results the product delivers, however, are considered permanent, but only as long as men continue to take the product according to http://infospeak.org

Ease of Use

Volume Pills claims to bring together the latest in technological advancements with the best in ancient medicine to give the male reproductive system a boost in production. Thankfully, the product is also easy to take, consume one pill in the morning and another in the afternoon for all day enhancement.


Volume Pills have a hefty number of positive reviews and testimonials from men who claim they have been able to improve their sex life including enjoying sex more often, improving semen output and helping to enhance fertility, on average 4 out of every 5 reviews of the product online have been positive.

Results will be experienced within a few days to a few weeks of starting to use the product. Longer term results include more powerful orgasms and increased sexual performance, as well as increased semen loads. This all equates to a tune up for sexual glands and more explosive orgasms.


Like any other male enhancement product, the claims made by Volume Pills are only as good as its ingredients. Some of the key ingredients in Volume Pills include:


This compound is a registered trademark of Volume Pills and contains several compounds that are believed to enhance a man’s psychological motivation to have sex while also improving the quality of sexual pleasure that they experience.

Ku Gua

Also known as bitter melon, this ingredient is a popular food item in Africa and Asia, and other regions where the plant is native. It has also been a part of traditional medicine for centuries. The herb works to boost both testosterone and sperm production which also enhances sexual urges and desires for improved performance and enjoyment.

Xian Mao

This natural aphrodisiac has been called by some as a natural Viagra alternative, providing the potent prescription benefits of Viagra including helping increase blood flow to the penis allowing it to become erect with less effort.

Fucus Vesiculosus

Also known as bladderwrack, this ingredient is a type of seaweed that is thought to help enhance the metabolism. A healthy body and an active and efficient metabolism are important to overall health in men. This ingredient can be used to improve penis health and thereby the ability to function.


The only way to determine if a product’s claims are legitimate is to test the product. After trying out the product, talking to previous users and comparing their information, the conclusion appear to be that Volume Pills will deliver significant results for most men. Within a few months of use, users noticed a significant increase in ejaculation power and orgasm intensity.

How To Order

Volume Pills is available via the Internet and is packaged and delivered in discreet wrapping, not allowing others to know what you ordered. Volume Pills accepts all major credit cards and PayPal and comes with a 60-day money return guarantee.

Final Verdict

No man wants to suffer from problems with low sperm count, unsatisfactory sperm production, erectile dysfunction issues or lack of excitement or arousal. With volume pills, men may be able to treat most if not all of these issues – improving all aspects of sex from getting aroused to finding fulfillment.

After using personal experience to try out the product and finding out the opinions of other men who took the product, Volume Pills appear to be a credible product capable of delivering the outcome it claims. Learn more at http://thongchaimedical.org