Quick Extender Pro

Quick Extender Pro Review

According to Quick Extender Pro, their penis traction device is designed to offer greater comfort, and faster results than the competition. The design is made by Innovatech Designs Inc. a company based out of New York.


Penis traction devices work by slowly stretching out the skin of the penis. Over time this constant stretching causes microscopic tears to form along the shaft, this allows cellular division to occur and allow the penis to increase in length and thickness. When using a properly-designed and medically approved device, this process applies a gentle level of tension that is completely painless.


Within the short term usage of the first month, Quick Extender Pro reports that users can achieve an increase in length of about one-quarter of an inch. In the second month of regular usage, some man report adding up to half an inch in length and girth. The majority of the gain in penis size, however, is expected to occur within 3 to 6 months of consistent usage. During this time, men have reportedly gained anywhere from three-quarters of an inch to an inch and a half in size. To get maximum results, users are encouraged to wear the device for as many hours as possible throughout the day.

Ease of Use

The Quick Extender Pro will arrive fully assembled and just requires adjusting the tension to get the proper fit. Users have been less than satisfied with the fit and design of the Quick Extender Pro. Multiple users who have tried Quick Extender Pro have complained that the product is extremely poor in quality and breaks after less than a few weeks of use. Some men have complained that the device is extremely uncomfortable and has caused cuts and scabs on their penises.


According to the Quick Extender Pro website, their traction device has been clinically proven to correct penile curvature in 100% of cases by acting as a brace on the penis to counterbalance the curve. The design incorporates two silicon tubes at the glands to increase the level of comfort experienced while the spring-loaded system is thought to increase the level of tension. Quick Extender Pro sells three-levels of systems according to http://male-enhancement-report.com

Value Edition

The standard basic kit is the cheapest model available and costs around $120. The device will fit penis sizes of up to 7 inches and delivers 2500 g of spring force.

Deluxe Standard Edition

The deluxe edition of the Quick Extender Pro delivers 3000g of spring-force and costs about $180. The package also contains a free one month supply of Rizer XL, enhancement pills designed to increase sexual performance and prevent premature ejaculation.

Deluxe Limited Edition

This penis traction device comes along with an entire kit of extras. The penis extending device delivers 3500 g of spring force and provides a free 3-month supply of Rizer XL. Extra equipment pieces and several sex-related DVDs are also included. The total package costs about $350.

Final Verdict

The reviews of the Quick Extender Pro from medical professionals and users who have purchased the product tend to be mixed. Some customers have made complaints about being unable to reach customer service or being treated rudely when they do. Of all the products that we have tested, the Quick Extender Pro just does not come out on top and we can not recommend this penis traction device over more highly-rated and medically approved devices on the market. Learn more about extenders at http://mpommett79.hatenablog.com