ProSolution Review: Does It Work?

It may seem as if there is an endless supply of male enhancement pills, creams, devices and other products on the market that claim to assist men with performing at optimum levels in the bedroom. The truth is there are thousands of such products on the market, and each year, a number of new products come out that claim to be the “best of the best.” When it comes to finding a creditable product within this ever-expanding industry, many users are turning to the ProSolution male enhancement system to fulfill this role. The product has emerged as an industry leader with superior herbal quality, lawful business practices and contented customers.


ProSolution Pills are created by Marabou Labs limited. The company offers a number of other virility aides including the ProSolution Gel and ProSolution Patch which contain similar ingredients. The formula contained in the ProSolution Pills has recently been updated to better reflect current data on which herbal based products can affect virility and sexual desire in men. One interesting ingredient is safflower, also known as American Saffron. The herb has aphrodisiac properties and stimulates blood flow to the penis to make it easier for men to achieve erections.

Arjun tree bark is another of the ingredients found in the potent sexual aide, the ancient Indian remedy, has been used for over 3,000 years to promote cardiovascular health and may also work to stimulate sexual arousal. The rejuvenating herb Shatavari is provided within the formula to treat impotence and general issues related to sexual functioning. Learn more about penis pills at


Part of the change in the ProSolution formula was geared towards making the product even faster acting. Improvements in stamina, recovery time after ejaculation and erection lasting power are likely to improve within the first week after taking. The immediate improvements in erection size and sperm production also makes men more confident in the bedroom and more willing to approach women and take action.

The product is also sold with the Erection SystemTM. The exercise program features dozens of techniques designed to improve blood flow, penis curvature and ejaculation control, while also improving the length, hardness and staying power of erections. Male users who used the product for at least six months have reported gains of over an inch in length.

Possible Side Effects

Any product taken orally including ProSolution pills can possibly cause an unpleasant side effect. One of the ingredients in the formula is safflower, which is not generally recommended for use in those with bleeding problems or stomach ulcers. Other individual ingredients in the product may also have unpleasant side effects. For men of advanced age and those with hypertension or high blood pressure, checking with a medical professional may be necessary to ensure the product is safe to use according to


ProSolution confirms it is an industry leader with the extensive 6-month refund guarantee.
Order by mail, fax or online and securely track packages through the online system at the official product website.


A one-month supply is just under $80. Guys who buy in bulk, however, can slim the price down. The biggest value is offered to men who purchase a full-years supply at one-time. The total price for a 12-month supply is roughly $390 equaling about $32 per bottle.


ProSolution has managed to carve out its own place within the very crowded male enhancement supplement industry. The all-natural formula has shown itself to be fairly safe and features a range of high-quality ingredients that can seriously advance a guy’s performance in the bedroom. In all, most male users report being able to have sex more often, better please their partners and feeling more secure in their abilities in the bedroom.