Pheromones Research

My Research on Human Pheromones

This is just my perspective on using pheromones. Once you start using them yourself, you’ll discover countless options. Until then, use this article and learn more about them.

Most people want to know if pheromones really exist. I found a couple of positive scientific studies on the subject. However, before using pheromones, it is wise to ask questions about pheromones and clear up some of your concerns. Why is this necessary? This is because some pheromone vendors are counting on the fact that you won’t research products before making purchases. Don’t fall into that trap.

Before You Make a Purchase…

Your first concern should be whether or not the product you’re buying contains pheromones. Don’t let the headlines fool you. Do your own research before making purchases

  1. Evaluate the actual product. Just research it and the company selling it. Consider conducting a Google search that includes the word “evaluation.” Also, become knowledgeable about how and why pheromones work.
  2. Look at the pheromone company’s “about us” page. Does your vendor of choice produce its products in-house? Or do they outsource them? I’d choose another company if it’s the latter. When a company produces its products in-house, you know that it has spent a lot of money and time on research. This is a good thing. The company wants to ensure it creates a high-quality product for its customers.
  3. Also, research various resources on the topic. For example, peruse a few online discussion boards on the topic of pheromones. Chances are the members of these boards have already tested many of the products you’re interested in buying. Thus, they have valuable information you can use before making a buying decision.

For example, I discovered plenty of rivalries between scammy sites such as True Pheromones and Androtics Direct. Some believe True Pheromones stole AD’s product line and created a copycat version. Some of pheromone companies are very shady, and this is why I researched them before purchasing pheromone products.

What I Learned About Pheromones

But after plenty of research, I found some interesting information. I didn’t know pheromone colognes were so diversified and provided many different effects. For instance, Aqua Vitae by Liquid Alchemy Labs is designed to impact people that are far away from the wearer. However, if the wearer doesn’t move on his target quickly, she is no longer interested.

Did you know Liquid Alchemy Labs puts South American herbs in its pheromone products? Locals use these herbs as aphrodisiacs, oils and incense. As can be expected, these herbs impact people in many different ways, especially when they are blended with pheromone molecules. They become very powerful products, but most people don’t even know these products exist or how and why they work.

Liquid Alchemy Labs is one of the most successful pheromone companies on the planet. It sells 7 different pheromone products, and they all have different ingredients that produce different effects. For instance, these includes include DHEA, DHEAS, androsterone and androstenone according to

However, most of these ingredients aren’t effective unless they are combined with other ingredients. They become magical when different ratios are formed to produce specific effects. Don’t forget that humans produce pheromones naturally. Now, you could always rely on your natural pheromones and not use pheromone colognes and perfumes.

Pheromones Really Work

But have you noticed that more people are talking about pheromones these days? This is because they are learning more about them. Pheromones are no longer considered a taboo product that crazy scammers sell. In the past, they were just products that weird people used. Learn more at

Honestly, I think the existence of pheromone vending machines has something to do with this change. I noticed that when the subject is broached, it’s usually because someone saw one of these machines and is curious about them. I finally purchased a few pheromone products and realized how well they work. Now, I see that they are valuable. They aren’t creepy products that I shouldn’t use.

But then again, it could be that pheromones are just a popular and general topic these days. They are known among the dating world, and men use them to date beautiful women.

Last Words

Hopefully, this article has made it easier for you to research and purchase pheromone products. Is this a subject you’d like to discuss more, or is it something you’d prefer to remain private? What do you think?