MaXtender Full Review

The MaXtender is one of many penis traction devices currently flooding the market. The product manufacturer claims that their penis traction device features superior construction and can help a man get and give more pleasure in intimate moments.


The recommended usage of the MaXtender is at least 2 hours a day. For men looking to gain several inches in length should commit to wearing the device for most of the day-time hours.

The Origin of Penis Traction

Just like the native Padaung Clan, or the “Karen Hilltribe” as they are more commonly known, are Mongolian in descent but currently located in the Ban Nam Phasing Din Province of Northern Thailand. They use a method similar to the way the extender works to elongate their necks and have been doing so for centuries. They use rings to gradually stretch their necks, which is not too dissimilar to the way the extender’s variable positioning pins on the side of the device hold the stretch in place until the next time you feel comfortable enough to increase it.

Ease Of Use

MaXtenderIt is extremely light-weight and compact but a number of users have complained that it is also very flimsy. The silicone straps are hard to stay in place, constantly fall off and can irritate the tip of the penis. Unlike many other penis traction devices, the MaXtender does not include cushion pads or any other extras that will allow the device to be more comfortable when worn. The biggest criticism about the product, however, has been related to comfort. A number of male users have stated that the device is painful to wear after just a few short minutes of use. Itching and soreness are also common grievances.

You may experience an unusual feeling at first due to the positive tension created by wearing it. After several sessions, you should be able to increase tension and be on your way to a longer and thicker penis according to Please note that the key to penile growth is gradual tension over an extended period of time. In other words, be patient and use it as often as you can! To achieve maximum results we recommeded recommended used no less than 2 hours per day, or twice daily for one hour sessions. An extension cylinder is also provided for those requiring extra length. The device is fully adjustable and can extend anywhere from 4 to 10 inches.


The design is very simple. A silicone rubber ring is attached to a bronze coated brass base, which utilizes spring-loaded tension rods. Man simply slip the device over their penis and adjust these rods to get the correct tension. Men start by using the smallest amount of tension, and gradually increasing this amount as the penis gets more used to the constant pulling motion. The device usually comes with an instructional manual, a storage container, and extra equipment pieces.

Clinical Studies

Publications in legitimate medical journals, endorsements by urologists or other medical professionals and clinical studies carried out on penis traction devices are a great way of ensuring men that the product is legitimate. Unfortunately, however, MaXtender has no such credentials or endorsements behind its device according to

Final Verdict

The MaXtender is one of the most affordable penis traction devices on the market, however; the quality of the MaXtender is nowhere near as high as some of the top-rated penis traction devices such as Size Genetics or X4 Labs. The design is somewhat outdated, uncomfortable to wear and is too flimsy to provide the traction that most men need. The product website is also poorly designed and provides very little information. Due to the lack of positive reviews about the product and the lack of an online presence, we do not currently recommend this product.