Male Extra

Male Extra Review: What Makes It So Popular

There are always new pills coming on the market that claim to help men increase their sexual prowess and Male Extra is a relative novice on the market. The pills boast that they feature the most powerful formula ever used in a male enhancement product. Male Extra further claims that their pills will leader to larger, harder erections, greater stamina and a boost in orgasm power and the ability to sustain erections.


Male ExtraMale Extra is sold in pill form with a whopping 1500 milligrams of male enhancement supplements in each capsule. There are roughly a dozen ingredients in the formula but the most buzzed about inclusion is that of pomegranate extract which is 70 percent ellagic. Ellagic acid is a type of acid found in certain types of berries including pomegranates and has sometimes been called a natural Viagra formula for its believed ability too advance the sex drive and promote harder erections.

Omega 3, a fatty acid is also included due to its supposed effects on the Tyson gland, helping maintain adequate lubrication for regular performance during sexual encounters. Cordyceps, a type of fungi that is believed to be an aphrodisiac is a traditional ingredient in Chinese medicine. Male Extra has included the ingredient due to its reported abilities to enhance the libido, heighten sexual energy and improve erection firmness.


Male Extra comes in supplement form and requires taking three pills per day. The pills are loaded with vitamins and nutrients such as Zinc, Cordyceps Creatine, Methyl Sulfonyl Methane and L-Arginine. The ingredients are herbal in nature and are safe and effective to use for their intended purpose.

The ingredients enhance blood flow to the penis by opening the veins wider in order to pass a greater volume of blood. This action results in harder erections and increased libido. The user will also experience greater stamina as a result of added confidence with their newfound manhood. Each user’s sexual performance will become the stuff dreams are made of and overall sexual health will be experienced.


Results for Male Extra have been overwhelmingly positive. Men have posted positive testimonials at the official company website and through various online portals that review male enhancement solutions. The pills are used along with the PenisHealthTM programme, a variety of exercise techniques. By using both methods together, men may experience as much as 3 inches of improvement in penis length and girth.


Users will also experience greater sexual pleasure with added virility and enjoy a supercharges sex life. Because the ingredients are herbal and all natural, there are no side effects to be experienced, except if the user suffers an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients.

Results vary, but most men who use Male Extra will experience growth in inches in a matter of 3 to 6 months. The results will be mind-boggling, but as expected. The user will experience greater sexual prowess and be the recipient of the combination of ingredients that have been the subject of study for 10 years. The combination has been fine-tuned to optimize the greater experience for the greater number of users.

Possible Side Effects

Male Extra contains a range of different ingredients and just like any food that is eaten or medication being taken; every ingredient has a small chance of causing side effects in some people. For instance, people with plant allergies may experience an allergic reaction to pomegranate extract.

Pomegranate extract may also have an effect on blood pressure and is usually not taken in the weeks leading up to surgery. For those with an aspirin sensitivity, Omega 3 could potentially affect breathing. Learn more at


  • Male Extra offers an extended return policy. Those who buy at least a 3-month supply, can try the product out for up to 90 days, and then have another 90 days in which to complete a return if dissatisfied.
  • High-quality ingredients are used here and many have the ability to enhance overall health which can also improve sexual performance.


  • A one-month supply of Male Extra costs about $75; there are a number of penis enhancement pills available at lower prices.


The best male enhancers feature a variety of ingredients to help treat mild forms of erectile dysfunction. The majority of males who use such products, however, are simply looking to step up their performance in the bedroom and Male Extra does a good job of meeting the demands of all types of male users. Learn more at

The product seems an effective way to improve sexual stamina, penis size and orgasm intensity for both partners. Impressive before and after pictures and the fact that the company is easily reachable through an 800 number should also bolster user confidence in Male Extra.