Male Enhancement Products That Work

Male Enhancement Products That Work

It’s not hard to figure out why so much money is spent on sexual enhancement products for men. As a rule, a big part of a man’s self-esteem is tied up in his sexual performance. So, if a man gets the idea that he is performing poorly in bed because of his size, his self-esteem is likely to take a nosedive. Therefore, nobody is surprised to learn that a lot of men will pay almost anything to correct what they see as inadequacies in their manhood.

There are many companies that smell blood in the water, so to speak, and come up with products and remedies that they will claim makes a man harder, longer and thicker. This is the reason that everyone’s e-mail inbox collects so many unsolicited promotions of products that promise to give the reader “porn star size and performance.” Therefore, anyone with an ounce of skepticism is going to wonder if any of the available products really work.

Different Types of Male Enhancement Products

Sexual enhancement products for men fall into one of three categories.

  • Male Enhancement Supplements: These are pills that you can take that will give you the much sought after large size.
  • Natural Male Exercises: There will be more about exactly what that means a little later.
  • Male Enhancement Surgery: Phalloplasty, or penis enlargement surgery.

Although a handful of these methods can show some success, the majority will show absolutely no improvement, and in some cases may even be harmful with long-term effects.

Given the embarrassment and shame that men feel about inadequate sexual performance or size, it is clear why so few men do the very best thing that they can do about their situation: speak to their doctor. Consulting a physician is highly recommended for a couple of reasons. First, it is insane to start trying out various methods and popping pills in the hopes that one will work.

Another reason is that the cause of poor sexual performance may be due to a condition that represents an even more serious problem. Talking to the doctor may actually result in him prescribing something that really will help your condition. If nothing else, the doctor may be able to help you put your sexual performance into proper perspective.

Beware of Hyped Up Claims

However appealing it is to think that you can increase your length and girth by simply taking herbal male enhancement pills—that just isn’t the case. To the contrary, some of the pills on the market can actually be dangerous.

If your concern is more about performance than size, then there are pills that can help you. For instance, you can increase your libido and the firmness of your erection by taking natural male enhancement pills that increase your testosterone levels naturally. Keep in mind that by having a firmer erection there will be a slight increase in size.

Making an Informed Decision

Before making a purchase, you will need to be able to determine which male enhancement supplements work and which don’t. There are a few ways to determine this. First, there is the length of time that the product has been on the market. You can also look at testimonials, as well as researching the ingredients in the product. However, the best sign of an effective sexual enhancement product is the rate of re-orders. People who get good results from a product are more likely to reorder, which gives you a pretty good idea of the products effectiveness.

Extending Exercises

Penis extenders have been around for many years. They work by using traction. You have probably seen someone with a broken leg requiring the leg to be placed in traction. This is where a weight or spring is used to constantly pull out on the leg. Considering that penis extenders work by placing your penis in traction, it is easy to see why some people get serious lesions from not following the instructions. Before purchasing such a device, it is highly recommended that you find as many customer reviews as you can, and follow the instructions carefully to avoid potential injuries. Learn more at

Going Extreme

For someone who is absolutely willing to go to extremes to increase their size, they can try Phalloplasty. This is a male enhancement surgery in which the ligaments at the base of the penis are cut and repositioned, giving the penis some additional length. In the best case this surgery can add as much as three inches. This surgery is considered controversial, with many doctors believing that the risk far outweighs any possible benefits. Additionally, in 2006 a survey of men receiving the surgery showed that just 35 percent thought the results were satisfactory.

Natural Methods That Really Work

A daily exercise routine can be successful for many men. The Kegel exercise technique has been shown to provide the dual benefits of strengthening your erection and providing better orgasm control. It is important to mention that Kegels do not increase penis size, but can dramatically improve control, performance, and strength of orgasm. By controlling orgasm and staying hard longer, you have everything you need to satisfy your partner.

Whether you try surgery, exercises or natural male enhancement pills, be sure to do your due diligence by researching the products or techniques to ensure they are safe and effective.