Is Semenax Effective for Increasing Sperm?

Low sperm count is not just a cosmetic problem or an embarrassing situation, for many men, the condition leads to infertility. The range of causes for low sperm count are many and include everything from genetic conditions to nutritional deficiencies, testicular injuries, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, obesity and use of illegal drugs. Regardless of the cause of low sperm count, no guy wants to be stuck struggling to maintain an erection.

This is where products such as Semenax come in. Semenax is a semen enhancement product offered by Leading Edge Herbals. This 100% natural male supplement promises to remedy male infertility by massively improving the amount of sperm produced.


Duration refers to the length of time that men should take Semenax in order to experience a maximum increase in all areas of sexual health including semen production, erection strength, and overall sexual contentment. The makers of Semenax recommend taking their product for at least 4 months to achieve this benefit.

The total amount of time in which a man should take the product, however, will vary depending on their individual health and current level of sexual performance. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction or who have suffered some type of testicular injury will typically need to take Semenax for a more extended length of time, men who simply want to boost an already healthy semen volume according to

Ease of Use

Each bottle of the semen volume enhancer contains 60 pills and taking the product could not be easier. Men simply pop two pills in the morning and take the third pill later in the day.


High amounts of sperm production are thought to improve orgasm power and intimate pleasure; it may also help men in committed relationships improve the chances of impregnating their wife or girlfriend. Thousands of product reviews are available online from men who have taken Semenax and the overwhelming consensus is that Semenax will significantly alter low sperm production and help men achieve a more rewarding sex life.


Semenax contains a wide assortment of herbs, vitamins and minerals. The Brazilian herb Catuaba bark works to improve the libido while another Brazilian herb, Muira puama, acts as an aphrodisiac boosting desire and excitement. Ingredients such as the amino acid L-LYSINE and herbs like epimedium sagittatum, zinc oxide, and Tribulus Terrestris all work to enhance testosterone production and the amount of sperm produced.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, it is. As a natural supplement, it contains no ingredients that will put your health at risk in any way. The side effects are nonexistent when Semenax is in question and you do not have to worry about any detrimental effects to your health.

Can it treat infertility?

No, it cannot. It would be too much to ask from a natural supplement. However, if you have no particular medical issues that are preventing you from conceiving, the use of Semenax can improve your chances to do so as it increases the amount of semen produced, thus increasing the likelihood of conception.


By no means is Semenax a miracle product, but the product is capable of providing results within just a few days of taking it. Men should begin to notice an almost immediate uptake in their desire to have sex as well as the rigidity of their erections. Over time men should see solid improvements in the intensity of their orgasms, which will begin to last longer and will occur with a more powerful stream of sperm production according to

Does it do anything else?

Yes, it does. Semenax not only promotes the production of semen but it also contributes to other aspects of your sex life. It employs a number of aphrodisiacs and other ingredients that can increase your libido, improve your erections and so on. It is a versatile product that can do much more than you would expect.

Final Verdict

There is a reason why so many men are willing to pay for Semenax, the product works as advertised and Semenax offers a 67-day full purchase price refund that should reassure even the most cautious of men. Sex is an important part of life, health, and overall wellbeing. Overall, by taking Semenax men may be able to experience both an increase in the number of their sex lives as well as the quality of the experience.