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How A Penis Extender Works

The medical community of today refers to traction as ‘a calibrated and continuous pressure that has been applied to the body to help to heal after burns, injury, surgery or trauma.’ Traction lets the body regain stretching of tissues, as well as rebuild muscle and tissue in a natural way.

How Penis Traction Works

There are many ways this is put to use in the medical world. A burn patient who creates his own skin uses traction to form grafts, which leads to enlarging the amount of available skin, before the transplant. A mastectomy patient will take muscle from his chest just before he goes in for reconstructive surgery.

Patients who are looking for penis enlargement use this traction for assistance in straightening, healing and strengthening the penis. When the body is stretched, spaces between the cells get opened up, leading to the triggering of healing and growth, as the adjacent cells start to divide and fill in the voids. When this takes place on a regular basis, this growth effectively happens in the millions, and the new cells lead to a significant addition of tissues and size to the area.

The basic concept behind the functioning of penis enlargement devices is as follows. Designed by a urologist and crafted by a company based in Denmark, in this popular and well-studied device there is the application of traction with the help of an adjustable set of calibrated bars. All this takes place between an anatomically correct curve base, fitting the root of a penis with ease and comfort. Learn more at

Then a surgical grade band is slipped over the penis head, and while the penis grows, the traction and distance can be adjusted slightly. The name of this product is ProExtenderTM, and it can be procured from a doctor or purchased online. Another huge favorite is Andro Extender, also known as Size Genetics.

What Makes Penis Extenders different?

First of all, you need not have to undergo a surgery and this very fact will be a great relief to you. Secondly, there will not be any tension associated with the success of the surgery and many people have the doubt what happens if the surgery is a failure. Implantations have their own success and failure rates and many people do not like implants on their body.

Another popular option is taking medications that will enhance the production of masculine hormones. Alternatively, there are extracts from herbs that have some effect on your penis. Some others are backing some simple exercises to improve their size.
On the other hand, penis extenders are a combination of all these. However, no surgeries are involved in it, or any medications; at the same time you will get the benefits of all these methods. There will not be any side effects or any hormonal imbalance as a result of the use of it. The only thing that you are going to get is a healthy penis, a strong one so that you will be able to get out of the shackles.

Backed By Medical Studies

penis tractionOur verdict is that penis enlargement traction devices do work. Medical studies, as well as medical applications of these traction devices, have shown that there is indeed real growth in penis size and that too of a permanent nature. This enhancement occurs in both length and girth, and the expansion in inches is vividly noticeable. The best part is that this growth is not just a quick fix.

When used correctly (as per specific directions pertaining to the unit chosen), over time the body begins to build new tissue. It would be wise not to fall for advertisements that promise “instant” gains or “miracle” overnight growth. Not only are they extremely unsafe, they are unrealistic and unreliable too.

A man who wishes to increase the size of his penis must first and foremost keep his health and safety concerns in mind. The focus should be on a medical device that has been medically corrected, and on following the specific instructions of the unit according to


The success of the traction device being used directly depends on the user’s dedication to the unit, and all relevant questions must be taken up with a medical practitioner. Penis enlargement can be a reality with proper and dedicated application. When it comes to deciding on which product to use, both ProExtenderTM as well as SizeGenetics are excellent and can be considered.