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Grail of Affection Review

For the last couple of days, I’ve used a pheromone cologne called Grail of Affection while driving an Uber. My female passengers were exposed to androstadienone.

An Androstadienone Heavy Pheromone

I’ve always suspected that androstadienone pheromone products have a bigger impact on women that are emotionally mature. In addition, I think that pheromone products without androstadienone have a bigger impact on emotionally immature women.

If you are unknowledgeable about androstadienone, it is known as one of the most intense pheromones on the planet. It gives women a warm and fuzzy feeling when they are exposed to it. This makes them get “lovey dovey” feelings.

I’ve tested this theory on 3 or 4 types of women, but for right now, I will only discuss 2 of these 4 types.

Type One

This type of woman is very immature emotionally. Usually, she is in her early 20s. This is easy to decipher because of her behavior. She wants to flirt, but she pulls away once the physical activity level escalates. This applies to her emotional level as well.

When dealing with this type of woman, I use pheromone products that give off social, fun or flirty vibes such as Nude, True Love, Voodoo or XiSt. These products don’t contain androstadienone. They are fallout types of products. They may work on this type of woman, but the effects take longer to evolve.

When using these products, I’ve even seen women withdraw and come back to me later. This type of woman needs more time to deal with the feelings that they trigger.

When a woman is immature, she might like men who are very dominant or aggressive; however, she doesn’t want to be in a real committed relationship. She still has a wildness in her that makes her date plenty of men. Thus, aggressive pheromone products such as Evolve-XS or Bad Wolf work on this type of woman.

This type of woman runs away from commitment, but she also wants to be around a man that can protect her. Men who wear androstadienone give off these kinds of vibes. When this happens, she will usually return and try to get back into your life.

This is usually what happens when women get asked out on a lot of dates. They date plenty of men. I don’t like dating this type of woman, but maybe one of them will change my mind in the future.

When you find a woman like this, combine a cologne like Nude Alpha with androstadienone to get her totally hooked.

Type Two

This woman is very emotionally mature. She is usually over the age of 25 and looking for someone to build a committed relationship with. She is more reserved than most younger women.

Sometimes, they’ll react to pheromone colognes that lack androstadienone, but they won’t fall hard for you, at least not right away. Thus, colognes with androstadienone bases work extremely well on them.

Since they want to be in a relationship, this type of product is good for targeting the emotionally mature woman. But be forewarned. This type of woman is very well-balanced and knows what she wants. So, you’d better have it all together if you want to date her. Know what types of pheromones to use when targeting this type of woman.

If you want to attract an emotionally mature woman, wear products that induce romantic feelings such as Grail of Affection, Certo or Nude Alpha. You can learn more at

This is my overview of Grail of Affection by Pheromone Treasures

This product even works on women that play hard to get. If she’s given you problems in the past, it will open doors and make her react romantically towards you. Learn more about pheromone benefits at

It’ll bring out the natural chemistry between the two of you. Grail of Affection possesses intense fallout properties, which means it won’t take long for a woman to find you attractive.

First, she’ll show interest and then quickly want things to advance. You won’t have to wait for her to suddenly feel something for you. It just happens…fast.

Grail of Affection never puts you into the friend zone. It gives off vibes that make women feel you are superior. You won’t be seen as “the” alpha male, but it will boost your status somewhat.

She’ll be so curious about you that she’ll want to form a connection and determine why you are so intriguing. Grail of Affection makes women feel comfortable around you.

She’ll tell you terrible jokes and be playful with you. This means more fun overall for you. This is a good thing because you’ll be the man that people can bond with. It gives off vibes that make it easy to build future relationships.