Alpha A314 Pheromones Review

Alpha A314 is a pheromone product that helps men ramp up their sex lives. It contains 9 pheromone blends, and it is designed to make men more sociable and attract more women. In addition, A314 claims to be the first pheromone product made to be worn during the day.


To apply A314, turn the bottle upside down and put a drop on your wrist. Wait a few seconds to allow it to absorb into your skin. Do not contaminate the bottle by touching the top of the bottle opening. If you want additional drops, apply them.

Although A314 is designed to use during the day, you can also wear it for evening escapades. Either way, it’ll last 4 to 6 hours. Just apply one to seven drops in the morning and reapply it if you’re going out on the town at night.

What It Does

The vendors of A314 claim its product will boost your confidence and attraction levels. It gives off vibes that make others view you as an established man that attracts plenty of women. Thus, this could possibly boost your confidence and self-esteem too.

A314 also has an amazing scent, which should do wonders to make you more attractive and sexier to the opposite sex. This will lead to not only more flirting but also more sex. All in all, you’ll have more opportunities to seal the deal with members of the opposite sex.

Now, I wrote about the Androtics Direct company before, and most people know how I feel about this company. Basically, I do not trust them, and neither should you. Shop around and find better pheromone products. Androtics Direct sells products that are extremely expensive.

Look elsewhere and purchase better products for cheaper prices. For instance, I’ve seen some of AD’s prices more than double within a couple of hours. How is this possible? The main ingredients for these products, which are Instant Honesty and Instant Openness have not changed in price for other vendors.

Why were the prices jacked up?

AD claims they contain special molecules, but this claim has been disproved again and again.

In addition, many people debate whether or not A314 still works. Personally, I don’t think so, but I must clarify this first. But I could be wrong. Others say differently. Learn more about how pheromones work at

Well, it works, but not as well as it did 3 years ago. Read the following and maybe you’ll understand this debate better:

  • AD made a formula change. The cologne changed into a very harsh, stiff and intimidating pheromone product. The original A314 gives off an attractive vibe that is all alpha. It also gives the wearer a sense of charisma and powerful self-effects, which makes it easier to get adjusted and use it to your advantage.
  • Rev31 was released. It was a horrible product from the very gets go. It had a weird smell and provided weird effects. I complained to others about this product, especially pherotalk board members. Many of them also had complaints about Rev31. It wasn’t as good as other revisions.
  • Originally, AD denied there was a formula change. However, they finally admitted there was a change and gave excuses for the change. The claimed the oils dissolved quickly since they are natural.
  • AD had to offer an exchange program for buyers who requested the new Rev32. I got a few bottles of this version, but it was also horrible. But I must admit it was somewhat better than Rev31; however, it wasn’t as good as Rev19 thru Rev22.

So, Do Alpha A314 or Rev32 Work?

I started using Rev32 when I first got it, but I it was crap. I’ve talked to other people who loved A314 as much as I did. We all agree that it was the best of them all.

Previously, Alpha A314 was a very powerful pheromone cologne. It was better than most of the products on the market. It’s a shame it isn’t as good as it used to be.

The sad thing is that Androtics will continue to sell garbage products that are too expensive. Overall, I recommend that no buys A314…EVER! Instead, go to the House of Pheromones website and buy high-quality products from a credible vendor.


I’ve used A314 about 23 times, and it’s hard to pinpoint all the many self-effects this product provides. When used as a standalone product, A314 has a musky smell. It gives off subtle vibes that make it a very sexy product that isn’t sleazy.

It impacts both men and women. It makes the wearer appear like a true alpha male that others respect. The wearer may feel that others in the room are out of his league, but itlevels the playing ground. It may move things in his favor.

My Final Thoughts on Alpha A314 Pheromone Cologne

All in all, this is a very good pheromone cologne. Pheromones are naturally produced by humans, and they have a huge impact on the opposite sex. But the actual ingredients in A314 are somewhat secretive. There’s no known information about the product’s 9 pheromone ingredients. Are they human or synthetic pheromones?

This is why many don’t believe the company’s claims about A314. But the product is very popular. Maybe it’s because of its awesome scent?