About Jelqing Exercises

Men suffering from impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) issues can find male enhancement exercises very useful in treating their condition. These exercises are a safe and natural alternative to more dangerous techniques like enlargement surgery. A man is said to be suffering from ED when he can’t keep an erection for a sustained period of time. The most common causes of ED are psychological, physical and lifestyle related. Exercising regularly boosts the levels of testosterone in men and consequently improves their confidence and sex lives.

About Male Enhancement Exercises

The fact of the matter is that most men don’t get satisfactory results from male enhancement exercises because they aren’t aware of the proper techniques for male enlargement. It isn’t good enough to be generally aware of how an exercise is supposed to work. Any exercise must be done exactly as it is meant to if one wants to reap the rewards of all the hard work.

Male enhancement exercises intend to optimize the tissues of the penis and control the amount and frequency of the blood flowing through them. Achieving this goal helps in enlarging your penis. Using exercises to enlarge your penis is a natural male enhancement process. By doing the male enhancement exercises at the right frequency and with the correct form, the final result is a permanently enlarged penis.

How powerful a person’s orgasms usually depend on the amount of oxygen in the blood. One of the best ways to increase the oxygen content in the blood is by exercising. A proven enhancement exercise routine is a safe choice to increase the length and the girth of the penis to enable harder and longer erections. The exercises prime the penis to handle increased amounts of blood which result in a thicker and longer penis.

What Are the Jelq Exercises?

Jelqs are a kind of penis enlargement exercise which result in the increase of the length and the girth of the penis. Like any other exercise routine, it is important to perform these male enhancement exercises in the way they are intended instead of jumping in with inadequate information.

An effective exercise program will make you aware of the safeguards and precautions you should take while performing these exercises. These programs will also provide you with detailed instructions about the exercises using photos and videos.

Jelqs: A Brief Overview of Male Enhancement Exercises

A typical exercise session for natural penis enlargement includes a warm-up session and a Jelq session, along with some other male enhancement exercises. While warm-up exercises help get more blood into the penis, Jelqs are used to thicken the penis effectively. Jelq involves slow and rhythmic movements which cause a light outward pull action on the penis. These exercises cause the opening up of more areas in the spongy tissues of the penis filling it up with a greater amount of blood. Regular performance of these male performance exercises can result in a natural and permanent growth of the penis in girth and length over the course of a few months. Learn more at

Properly Performing Jelqs

To perform Jelqs, start by making an OK sign with the thumb and the index finger of one hand and grip the base of your penis. Once you are in the proper position, start moving your hand slowly over the length of the penis, stopping just before the head. Once you feel comfortable with this movement, repeat it while alternating your hands for each repetition. You can increase the number of repetitions as you get used to these powerful male enhancement exercises.

Precautions for Jelqing

It is important to perform Jelqs only on a partially erect penis. If you end up achieving a complete erection while performing the Jelqs, you must wait a while for the erection to subside before continuing with the exercise. The application of lubricant on your penis before Jelqing is highly recommended. Male enhancement exercises only work when performed exactly as instructed, so read the instructions carefully before getting started.

While performing Jelq exercises, you should be aware of a few precautions that you must take. Even though Jelqs are extremely effective male enhancement exercises, they won’t be able to help increase the size of your penis without the proper nutrient intake. This is similar to bodybuilding in which without the consumption of adequate amounts of protein, no amount of exercises will help you build muscles.

This is the main reason why many experts recommend using natural or herbal supplements along with male enhancement exercises to help the penis grow. There are many high-quality male enhancement pills that work well with Jelq routines and will help you get the best possible results.


There are a lot of variations of the Jelq male enhancement exercises which can be found in various male enlargement programs. It is best to begin exercising for shorter durations initially before increasing the duration and intensity as you get used to the exercises. It is widely accepted that these exercises result in a more natural and permanent penis growth compared to the growth achieved by the use of pumps or weights.